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XNoogo 1080P HD Projector Specifications:

  • Brand Xnoogo
  • Hardware interface VGA, USB
  • Display resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Package Dimensions 14.9 x 11 x 5.9 inches
  • Dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1
  • Lamp life up to 100000 hours
  • BIG Screen, HiFi Stereo Sound and No Noise
  • Built-in 5 Watt 2 speakers
  • Supports Multi-Function Inputs
  • Support 4k Video
  • Big screen, Max 400″ display
  • TFT LCD display technology
  • 3 Years warranty

XNoogo 1080P HD Projector is the best home theater projector delivers extraordinarily clear sharp images and quality videos with bright large-screen, outstanding color accuracy perfect for movies, gaming, and watching sports.

Native 1080P HD Projector and High Brightness:

This home theater projector has High dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and 7000 lux with outstanding sharpness, so Provides sharp, clear and detailed images from HD content without down-scaling or compressing with protecting your eyes.

In addition, Xnoogo Projector native resolution 1920*1080 will bring you 10 times more clear result than 1080P SUPPORTED projectors.

Multi-Function Input:

Support HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV/TV input and Audio out, also has built-in speaker, connecting PC, Fire Stick TV, Laptop, Tablet, DVD for movies, enjoying games on the big screen by connecting PlayStation PS3/PS4, WII or XBOX via HDMI port.

You also can use your smartphone connecting the projector by the HDMI adapter.

XNoogo 1080P HD Projector has a Big Screen so you Enjoy the Wonderful Viewing Experience with 60-400 inches diagonal.

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HiFi Stereo Sound & No Noise:

Surround sound system with 2 Built-in 5 Watt speakers, Built-in dual a powerful 5W speaker with SRS Sound System and 3D. XNoogo 1080P HD Projector combines incredible screen performance with room-filling sound for an immersive multimedia experience.

The XNoogo projector comes equipped with the latest in innovative cooling systems, a heat dispersion that also results in a noise suppression of up to 90%.

LED Lamp Life 100,000 hours:

The lamp of Xnoogo Projector an impressively long life of up to 100000 hours is better than most products in the market, and protecting your eyes with LED light sources.

Mirroring Function:

XNoogo Projector supports a screen mirror smartphone/pad. The function lets you enjoy the big screen, so your eye is very comfortable to watch and play.

Focusing & Keystone Correction
Adjust the focus ring and ±15° keystone correction manually To get a better watching experience, and to watch a clear result for different projection distance.

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Warranty 3 Years:

life-long professional customer service and Technical Support. So you can contact the seller directly for warranty information for this home theater projector. And you may also be able to find warranty information on the Xnoogo Projector manufacturer’s website.

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