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YEHUA 8K 2.0 HDMI fiber optic cable works with High-resolution large-screen TVs and large projectors or small mobile devices, home entertainment devices, gaming devices and other computer monitors . You can enjoy high-quality audio and video, by using high-speed fiber optic cables instead of ordinary cables.

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Ultra Resolution 8K@60Hz :

YEHUA HDMI Fiber Optic Cable support audio and video resolution up to 8K@60Hz,it use high-quality photoelectric conversion At both ends it use high-quality photoelectric conversion module , which can convert the signals from electrical to optical signals, and easily realize 100-meter transmission without delay. YEHUA HDMI Fiber Optic Cable support up to 8K@60Hz audio and video resolution.

The resolution of the 8K video standard is 7680×4320, which is 16 times the 2K resolution. Each frame has more than 33 million pixels. Its ultra-high-definition effect can bring immersive viewing joy.

24Gbps Speed of Data Transmission :

The speed of data transmission can reach up to 24Gbps, it supports easily to the foremost recent high-definition TVs and other devices. 8K HDMI 2.0 fiber cable meets the HDMI2.0 manufacturing standard.  you will be able to restore image color, and lossless audio at 99.9%.

YEHUA HDMI Fiber Optic Cable supports 8K @ 60Hz 8bit / 10bit / 12bit, HDR10, HDCP2.2, CEC control, EDI high quality video sources. No screen flicker, black screen and snowflake. You will Enjoy a crystal-clear TV sound quality while experiencing deep colors and high-resolution images.


The Yehua Cable with “Source” plug for connecting HDMI Out devices(Blu-ray player, ST Box, Xbox one etc.); “Display” plug for connecting your HDMI display devices(TV, Projector, Monitor etc.).Plug and play, no external power supply required.
Make sure the input on the source side is 8K and the display is the actual 8K, If you want to output 8K resolution from the display.

Long-Distance Transmission :

This optic cable is capable of ultra-high-speed and long-distance transmission, and can be used as an optical signal for high-speed transmission without signal loss or delay.

Synchronous Audio and Video :

The digital audio interface technology of YEHUA HDMI Fiber Optic Cable can realize the synchronous transmission of audio and video without the need to connect audio and video cables separately. This cable is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Laptop, PS4/PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Blu-ray Player, etc.

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