TMY V58 WiFi projector
TMY V58 WiFi projector
TMY V58 WiFi projector
TMY V58 WiFi projector

TMY V58 Mini Projector (Brief Review)

TMY V58 Mini projector is powerful and portable projector. If you are ‎searching for a home theater mini projector with screen in this price range, then you should ‎consider this projector. It just takes only 2-3 minutes to get setup and ‎watching movies. The image is large, clear and sharp due to its 200 ANSI, ‎colors are true and vibrant. TMY V58 Mini projector has built-in speakers, the ‎built in speakers isn’t too loud, but the sound is clear and good. But it is better ‎to use external speakers.
TMY V58 Mini projector has WIFI connectivity option, which enables you to ‎connect your android phone, iPad, Laptop and desktop computer wirelessly, ‎and can stream anything to the projector without any problems.‎ The WIFI connection is easy to setup and works well. And you can also stream from ‎your iPhone and this works great too. You can mirror photos, videos and most ‎other apps from your phone to the projector. Additionally, this projector has ‎multiple ports for connectivity such as HDMIs, USB, TF Card, VGA, and AV ‎interface.‎

Overall it’s a good home theater mini projector, although it claims you can watch it outside ‎but it’s not nearly bright enough until its get dark. But, Inside is great if you ‎have dark curtains or after the sunset.‎ For indoors and in low light room it works great. And if you have a dark room ‎and plan to use mostly indoors then definitely it is recommended at this price.

Projector Description

TMY brand writes, we know our customers’ needs the best and work as the ‎leading brand in researching and producing projectors. This time we have ‎launched TMY V58 (with 120” projection screen) high performance Wi-Fi ‎projector. It is equipped with 200ANSI (which is more than 8500lux) LED light ‎source and 1080p Full HD upgraded technology. With this projector you will ‎get higher brightness best viewing experience, so this TMY V58 Mini projector ‎is the perfect solution for your home theater requirements.‎

This projector gives you 120” projection screen in the packaging. So you are ‎able to set up your own home theater mini projector anywhere in your home freely ‎to play video games, to watch TV shows, movies and photos. Projection screen ‎is bigger than others, which make sure larger viewing angle and more picture ‎details. This portable screen is foldable, anti-wrinkle and easy to wash.‎

TMY V58 Mini projector is equipped with latest Wifi technology. Compare to ‎others home theater Mini projector; it has simplified the WiFi connection ‎steps which are making it more stable and user friendly. Additionally, to ‎synchronize your iOS and Android intelligent devices original manufacturer ‎USB charging cable can also be used, so you no need to buy an additional cable. ‎

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This TMY V58 Mini projector is equipped with multiple ports for ease to use, ‎including a USB, VGA, HDMI, TF Card and AV interface. This is perfect solution ‎for multiple types of inputs including but not limited to chrome cast, TV ‎Stick/Box, PCs, Roku Stick, PCs, Laptop, Smart phones, USB Sticks, TF card, DVD ‎player, and External Speakers etc.‎

Larger Fans, Lower Noise, Better Sound, this home theater mini projector is made ‎with latest design and only raw materials used with premium quality. By ‎decreasing 80% of fan noise, the inventive and effective cooling system ‎empowers an impressive watching and listening experience. TMY V58 Mini ‎projector has Built-in a unique dual speaker system, provides loud and ‎excellent sound quality, without connecting this to external speakers. In ‎addition this projector has keystone correction function and easy adjustable ‎focus

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