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FANGOR 5G Projector F405 Brief Review

Frangor 5G projector F405 is a good quality projector. Picture is great in ‎darkness. It works great for outdoor movie night. For good picture quality it is ‎better you place this projector at the best distance. Best projection distance 3 ‎to 5 meters from the screen. ‎Firestick works well. Turn off Dolby if there is no audio while playing ‎videos from Netflix, Hulu, etc, due to copyright reasons.‎

Even Sound quality is better than most other projectors, and then also ‎recommends using external speakers via Bluetooth setup. There is a ‎noticeable delay on some sound devices about 1/4 of the second but it wasn’t ‎horrible. Speakers can easily connect with Bluetooth. The setup is very easy ‎and quick.‎ The QR code on screen is not work well and do not pull up the app for ‎download. So you have to go on Google play and look for it.‎

The wireless phone pairing is easy and it is a very nice feature.‎ Bluetooth can ‎only transmit audio so Frangor 5G projector F405 allows you to easily connect your headphones, ‎speakers and other audio devices wirelessly. So It cannot connect your smart ‎phones/pad, so use Wi-Fi function to synchronize your mobile screen.‎

What’s in the box?

  • Projector
  • 120 inch projection screen
  • Lens cleaning Kit
  • US / EU / UK AC Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • AV Cable
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual

About This Projector:

  • Model Name F405
  • Brand FANGOR
  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB
  • Mounting Type Ceiling Mount
  • Upgraded 8500L high brightness
  • True native 1080P resolution
  • Up to 10000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Maximum 250-inch projection size
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Build-in 5.0 Bluetooth
  • Build-in 5W dual stereo speakers
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Overheating prevention system
  • Come with a lens cover

Description of FANGOR 5G Projector F405

Perfect Mini Home Theater Projector:

FANGOR 5G Projector F405 is best choice for home theater. This is a real full ‎HD 1080p projector. Support 4K videos. Original resolution is 1920*1080p. ‎The projection size of FANGOR 5G Projector F405 ‎is from ‏‎60‎‏” ‏to ‎‏250‏‎” ‎and its ‏contrast ratio reach to ‏‎100‎‏00‏‎: ‎‏1‏‎. ‎This mini projector made with modern LCD ‏technology and stable LED light source‎. ‎More brighter than others and its ‏brightness is increased by ‏‎80‎‏% ‏then compared to others mini projectors.

Screen Mirroring & Bluetooth Connection:

This mini home theater projector has Bluetooth connection and screen ‎Mirroring. You can connect easily your smart phone and pad wirelessly ‎through 2.4G or 5G internet to obtain screen mirroring and it is also support ‎wired screen mirroring for this you only need a charging cable. In addition, this FANGOR 5G Projector F405 has 5.0 built-in Bluetooth chip (Bluetooth support only audio ‎transfer) allows you to connect your Bluetooth speakers to the projector or ‎connect your private Bluetooth headset.‎

Stereo Sound & Cooling System:

This FANGOR 5G Projector F405 has Dual Stereo Sound speakers and latest ‎Cooling ‎System This video projector has 5W build-in dual stereo speakers ‎provide ‎a high quality sound effects which gives you to own a wonderful ‎‎listening experience. It’s also contain a modern cooling system ‎to forestall ‎overheating, to make sure that the temperature of this mini ‎home theater ‎remains within the safe limits, it has the ‎noise canceling technology which ‎efficiently reduce the noise levels.‎

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Suitable For Various Ports:

FANGOR F405 ensures a wide range of compatibility, it has multiple interfaces ‎include AV, UGA, USB, HDMI, and Micro SD port. This is fit for both outdoor ‎and indoor for photos sharing, playing video games or watching football ‎matches etc. ‎

Comparison With Others:

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The FANGOR Projector offers unconditional refund service ‎for up to 90 days ‎and provides technical support for 3 years, if you have any problem ‎or question please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team you ‎will get responded as soon as possible mostly within 24 hours.‎

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