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Why You Should Buy KHQ mini Projector VF260:

KHQ Mini Projector VF260 is really cute, lightweight and a ‎portable projector. You can connect it easily with your laptop ‎to watch movies and with play station to play games. The ‎interface is very user friendly and the user manual is also very ‎easy to understand for the first time setting. The resolution is ‎good 1080p, if the projector is about 3 feet, you can get an ‎optimized quality display.

The environment should be as dark ‎as possible. The noise level is very low. KHQ Mini Projector ‎VF260 has internal speakers ( Louder than expected) but you can also connect your ‎external speakers, the option is available. It is a really light ‎weight, so the cable connection can little disturb you, cable ‎can easily draw it out of its original place, fix it with something heavy like books or other thing. Overall KHQ VF260 ‎is a good mini projector for you and your family. You will be ‎satisfied with this purchase.

Product information:

  • Model Name VF260
  • Color yellow
  • Hardware Interface USB
  • Brand KHQ
  • Image Contrast Ratio 1000:1
  • Resolution Full HD 1080p
  • Voltage 5 Volts
  • Projection Size  40″ to 100″
  • Built-in 2W speakers
  • Weighs 0.75 pounds
  • DC/Power Bank Two Power Supply Modes
  • Need to Support 5V / 2A

KHQ mini Projector Description

FULL HD Home Theater Projector:

KHQ Mini Projector is furnished with 1000:1 ‎contrast, Native resolution 800 X 480P and it ‎supports 1920 X 1080P Full HD. The color ‎reproduction is excellent; portray a clear and ‎natural picture. The ultra-fine expressions cannot ‎escape your eyes, this brings for you and your ‎family delightful home cinema experience.

Brightness & Large Screen Size:

The video projection size of KHQ Mini Projector is ‎form 40” to 100” provides according to the given ‎distance which is 3 to 6 feet. But the best ‎recommended video projection size is 80 to 100”. ‎Deliver original, crystal clear and fine audio quality ‎with 2W Built-In speakers. Without external ‎speakers the sound quality of this home theater ‎projector can be enough for your daily needs. KHQ ‎Projector VF260 is good not only for watching ‎movies, but also suitable for watching sports and ‎for also playing games. ‎

Real Portable Mini Projector:

KHQ Mini Projector is a real portable video ‎projector, it has a small size 5.63 x 3.78 x 2.28 ‎inches, and the weight is only 0.75 pounds, it is ‎suitable for outdoor movies. KHQ projector VF260 ‎has charging treasure power supply mode and ‎support DC supply, Mobile Phone charger can be ‎used to power it, and also car charger and a power ‎pack can be used Via Micro-USB Interface (5v / 2A ‎supply need to support). For your enjoyment let ‎you build your own home theater environment for ‎you and your friends and family to enjoy a great ‎movie night, and no matter where you are.

Multiple Connection Ports:

This mini home theater projector has easy to use ‎multiple ports, containing HDMI, USB, audio and ‎AV input interface. KHQ Mini Projector can be easily connected with ‎laptop, PC, Chrome cast, PS4 and TV stick. When ‎you need to connect your smart phone, an extra ‎Type C/ Micro USB to HDMI adapter is required ‎which is not included.

Comparison Table:

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Warranty & Technical Support:

90 days refund with life time free customers ‎support. KHQ Projector VF260 offers overall one of ‎the best warranties in this industry, so you can ‎buy it without and risk.

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