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Mooka WiFi Projector

  • Portable bag included
  • Tripod Supported
  • 1280*720P Native Resolution
  • 45″ – 200″ Projection Size
  • 50% – 100% Digital Zoom
  • 7500L Brightness
  • 6500 : 1 Contrast Ratio
  • ± 15° Manual Keystone
  • 50,000 hrs Lamp Life

Why Choosing Mooka Projector?

Mooka WiFi Projector RD 823 portable wireless mini projector transform ‎the latest Wi-Fi Smartphone synchronize ‎technology that can connect ‏easily ‏your Android‏/‏iOS devices by simply connecting your Wi‏-‏Fi‏, ‏so you no need hassle of extra dongles and adapters will make ‏screen sync come true‎. ‎Mostly when the home theater ‏is suspended from the ceiling‎, ‎the RD‎823 ‎wireless mini projector ‏brings the wireless freedom to you.

Brightness Large Screen:

This mini projector supports 1080p, 5000:1 with a high brightness rating ‎of 7500 lumens and the contrast ratio is 80% more brighter than other ‎mini projectors at the same price. MOOKA wifi projector transforms the ‎newest technology 4.0 LCD display with modern LED light sources. It ‎protect your eyes with diffuse reflection technology which delivers soft ‎image.

Lamp life:

Wireless Mooka projector RD823 take on the ‎modern sarcoma technology to minimize the lamp electric ‎power consumption to increase the life of the lamp to a ‎maximum of 50000 hours. This mini home theater is very ‎preferable for home enjoyment, watching movies, playing ‎games and party usage. The color range is up-to 95% and ‎delivers up-to 17 Million colors, and while yet efficient to ‎display 100% RGB color signal, and you will get an amazing ‎experience.‎

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Mooka Projector Comparison Table:

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High Compatibility and Wide Application:

Mooka projector is suitable with Android and iOS phones and also with Chrome Book, iPad, ‎TV Stick, AV(DUD), PS4, PS5, Xbox, HDMI and USB port. This is the best mini ‎projector for out-door camping or home entertainment for adults and ‎children.

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Warranty Duration:

You do not need to worry about this Mooka RD823 life duration ‎because this brand provide 12 months exchange or money return and 3 ‎years repair guarantee and professional technical support for lifetime. ‎Just try it risk-free. 

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