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  • Free 100″ projection screen
  • Free carry bag

Why You Should Buy VANKYΟ Mini Projector

VANKYΟ Mini Projector technology has come so far and ‎become affordable. With this you will get a free screen and ‎grommets to use to hang it. The screen is around 100”.

The resolution is excellent the picture is bright and ‎ it can ‎project a bigger screen, but after about 180”, it starts to look ‎bad.

Another great feature of this projector is the ability to ‎connect with your phone over Wi-Fi so you can easily stream ‎something. For keeping it one place and want to run wires it ‎has the normal hookups

The sound is also good for a medium room, but there may be ‎some audiophiles out there that want more.‎

It is NOT recommended for PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or Business Presentation.

VANKYΟ Mini Projector Specifications:

  • Hardware Interface: VGA, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Minimum Throw Distance: 4 Feet
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 22 Feet
  • Average Life: 55000 Hours
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speaker
  • Focus without Fuss
  • One-sec focus and ±15°keystone correction

About This Item

Support 1080p Cinematic Color& Clarity:

VANKYO Mini Projector support 1080p boasting native ‎‎720p resolution, and +80% more brightness compared ‎to other than the similar projector, The HD mini projector ‎facilitates you to watch your favorite shows, games, ‎sports events, movies, and more in impressive detail ‎and clarity with bright color and deeper blacks.‎

Delicate Display 200″ & Lamp Life:

This mini projector brings an astonishing cinematic ‎experience, with optimum screen projection from 40” ‎to 200”, the distance of video projection varies from ‎‎3.9ft to 22.3ft.‎

The energy-saving feature of this VANKYΟ Mini Projector ‎reduces energy-consuming and allows the lamp to ‎shine bright and increases lamp life up to 55,000 ‎hours, 10+ years if every day average viewing time is 4 ‎hours.

Stunning Stereo Sound: 

VANKYΟ Mini Projector ‎has built-in Hi-Fi speakers‏, ‏that produce‏ loud and clear voices and provide the best ‏sound quality effects for your movie night‎, ‎functions‎, ‎summer camping, or family gathering‎.‎

Comparison Table:

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Provide a customized 100” projection screen and also ‎a carry bag for each projector to make it more ‎appropriate and easier for the customers to enjoy the ‎great movies outside with your family

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